Release notes v3.6.8

– Change the way licensing user’s API: Get your CW licensed with only 10 first characters of your API (instead of full API length).

Would you like to see a Plugin that enables you to use Gunbot with zero-knowledge about configuration, automatically takes you out of market crashes and place you safely in USDT? Especially, it will auto BUY quote coins at the bottom with a cheap price at dips and sell when market recovers.
Yes? We are going to proudly introduce to you an amazing plugin that we have made by passion: CW CONTROLLER

A) CW CONTROLLER is a great simple advanced GUI with a lot of great ready packed features, easy to use, zero knowledge requirement about configuration. This simple GUI will not ask you to walk through the complicated Gunbot wiki to get started using Gunbot (and even if you have walked through, we don’t think that you are actually ready) because it has already been attached many Premium Configs that tuned by our great Gunbot veterans.
Are you completely new to Crypto-market? Are you new to Gunbot? No problem, just follow 3 super simple steps to get started with Gunbot:
– Connect your account (by entering your API key).
– Enter your capital and Choose a suitable pre-set config.
– Hit start then … GO!
But if you want to tune Gunbot yourself (completely or base on pre-packed premium configs), you are free to do that because we have made a visual editable config preview frame with full of description for each key so you can just click to know what they are, no need to check Gunbot wiki anymore.

B) CRASH WATCHER – a module that will be a huge change to the way we are using Gunbot.
As we knew that BAGs is a big problem of Gunbot. We appreciate to Gunbot dev team, they understand the problem and they have tried their best to make amazing functions like Double Up, RT,… and indeed they helped us a lot (we have been felt in love with Double Up since the first day it launched).
But, sometimes those functions cannot solve the problem completely (especially when huge market crashes happen for long period), they also require a lot of patience, a lot of wasting time to wait for market recovering.
That’s why we made CRASH WATCHER module!
By developing CRASH WATCHER module, we are giving to all of you another choice to solve BAGs – problem: Just jump out when the whole market crash in a bloody day with a minimum loss, and stay safe in USDT!
When a big crash happened, you won’t need to catch the falling knife by Double Up anymore. Just be safe in USDT, only BUY when the market stops falling and being stable (at the bottom) with the best price.
CRASH WATCHER module will auto-detect a whole-market-crash and “sell” all of your quote coins and base coins to USDT (even if they are not available in USDT market) with a minimum loss.
After that, you can manually place BUY order when prices stopped falling or you can use other amazing features that we will introduce below to maximize your profit even in market bloodbath: STORM TRADING.

C) STORM TRADING – An automated engine that will start your storm-trading-bot to take the best chance to buy all the quote coins at a cheap price when a market crash happened.
After CRASH WATCHER finished converting your funds to USDT safely, STORM TRADING will auto start a bot in storm mode (a Gunbot that has been configurated to work perfectly in crashing market). This bot will follow the price movement and place BUY order whenever the price seems to touch a deep dip and mostly will recover very soon. The bot will sell at a good profit at that time.

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Here is the List of features in details:
1) Simple advanced GUI: You can do a lot of amazing things (included basic and advanced features) with a simple single-page controller.
– You can set up, manage, configure and run multiple bots: BOT USDT, BOT BTC, BOT ETH,… or whatever you want to set up yourself (you cannot do this with Gunbot build-in GUI, and it is an advanced function of Gunbot that is not easy for amateur users). With CW Plugin, you can run multiple Bot with just a few clicks.
– On the controller, you can use all basic functions like save API + Secret key, enter quote coins, choose base coins, enter fund, choose a suitable pre-set config, edit them if needed then run the bot.
– You can also use all needed advanced functions like override, panic sell pre-set, random the port to run multiple bots, delay request time, enable/disable cancel orders.
– Multiple Bot managing: Save/update to multiple Bots, start/stop all bots in a single click.
– Full of description for everything you need: All of the keys in the configuration have their own description right on the controller. You will not need to look up in Gunbot wiki. Just click on the key to know what they mean and change it the way you want.
– Entering quote coins is much easier: Just need to enter coins symbol separated by “,”. Like this: ZEC,OMG,DASH,ETH,LTC
2) Premium config ready packed:
– Maybe you already knew that it is quite hard to config Gunbot to work profitably (even just to work properly). Many people are selling their unverified configs with hundreds of USD, some others ask for thousands of US dollars.
– We have rented a lot of Gunbot Veterans around the world to build the most profitable configs and packed it into CW Plugin for you to use with just a single click. That’s why you don’t need to research how to config Gunbot to work properly. New users with zero-knowledge about Gunbot still can use Gunbot easily with just a few clicks.
– Our configs (modes) cover most of market situations and use cases: Profit mode, Safe mode, Max Profit mode, Max Safe mode, Sell only, Sell and DCA only, Sell only with stop limit, Safe Storm mode, Profit Storm mode (storm modes are for crashing market trading). Just click one to use it or create multiple bots to use multiple different modes.
– Trading_limit (trading volume), Funds_reserve and everything that need to be calculated base on your capital will be calculated automatically according to our premium strategies. You just need to enter your fund (capital).
– We will always keep configs updated to be suitable for current market situation. And everytime we make some changes, it will be pushed to your Plugin automatically, you no need to do anything.
3) CRASH WATCHER module: Automatically convert all your funds to USDT when the whole market crashes.
This module will stream data from Exchanges and calculate a lot of things continuously to detect crash when it happens. After detecting crash it will turn all working bots into a special-panic-sell- mode to sell all quote coins and base coins to USDT.
We need to specify the way CRASH WATCHER works with the way stop_limit works. They are completely different. CRASH WATCHER will only be triggered when THE-WHOLE-MARKET crashes. If only one or just some quote coins drop, your Bot will still work normally. While stop_limit function will be triggered whenever any quote coin hits the stop_limit set percent (it is not a good idea to work with stop_limit that way)
4) STORM TRADING: Trade in crashing market to buy quote coins at a cheap price!
If you enable STORM TRADING function, whenever CRASH WATCHER finished its job and all funds have been converted to USDT successfully, STORM TRADING will auto start a bot that has been configurated to trade perfectly in crashing market. This bot will only place BUY order when some special conditions are met, such as RSI 4h is lower than a set level, the price hits trailing stop buy range, Bolinger Band lower border hit…These conditions will force the bot to buy at the deep dip and mostly price will recover very soon for the bot to sell at a good gain.

5) Backup/Restore function: One click to Backup and Restore all your bot configurations. This is especially needed when you have multiple bots and you frequent to make changes in their config and pairs.
6) Quick adjust Range and Difficulty (single-click adjustment):
– Increase profit target (SELL strategy): When your bot frequently sells at a very small profit, you can increase this to raise the profit target.
– Decrease profit target (SELL strategy): If your bot takes too long to sell out (because of too high gain target), you should decrease this.
– Increase the difficulty of BUY strategy: When your bots quickly buy a lot at bad prices, just increase this to slow down it.
– Decrease the difficulty of BUY strategy: If you need to wait for ages just to see some buy orders, just decrease this.
7) Bug fixes and improvements for Gunbot:
– time sync error perfect solver (400 error, unable to connect to exchange…errors) with build-in auto-time-sync-engine.
– panic sell function improved: We mixed panic_sell with some other conditions (stop-loss and take profit conditions) to make panic sell actually works. (Maybe you already knew that native Panic-sell function sometimes does not work properly)
– Just click to get a list of good pairs for Gunbot to trade with some conditions, such as: not to be a pumped coin (that will fall so hard very soon), coins that don’t have RSI too high, coins are in uptrend, … and just a single click to import all recommended coins to bot trading list.
– Auto periodically takes profit (convert everything to base coin) and import current recommended pairs to start a new cycle (every 12 hours, daily, every 3 days, weekly,…)
– Auto-detect a pumping coin (that is raising so fast and will fall like a rock very soon). For the coin that have been already pumped more than 15%, the protector will prevent bots from buying that coin at the top.
This is very important because there are a lot of dump/pump coins that are manipulated by whales. They rise so fast then after a short while they will start to drop. And normally Gunbot will buy right the time it started dropping, mostly at the top. Then it will burn a major part of your fund to DCA, and now you got a bag:). You might need some days or a week to release that bag … if you are lucky. If not, it might take a month or two, even longer.
4) CONFIG STORE: The place that everyone can share their own configs with information such as: Description or guide to use, profit history, votes,… Users can share it as a free gift to others or sell it.

We are still staying on the rail to develop many brilliant features to make Gunbot becomes smarter, more profitable and completely automated. Stay tuned and just please encourage us by some comments or feature suggestions.
Thanks for bearing with our long announcement post! If you have any questions or you want to be our beta-tester of pre-launch versions, please contact us by
(Our official website and another support channel will be available soon. Stay tuned!)

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