Release note v5.0.3

The biggest update has come earlier than expected. CW Gunbot Controller has been added  CW Config Store the first Gunbot Config marketplace in the world. Besides, a lot of new handy tools have been attached. Check it out right now!

What’s new in CW Controller v5.0.3?

  1. Fix “exchange delay” removing error.
  2. Added dark theme.
  3. Hide Secret by * chars.
  4. Show search boxes.
  5. Release FREE VERSION FOR LIMITED TIME with a lot of useful and handy features:
  • Multiple bot instances easy managing with only a few clicks.
  • Press “Open bot folder” to manage individual instances.
  • “Open GUI” with a single click. You Gunbot native GUI is automatically set up by CW Controller, just click to open it.
  • Save API to connect to exchange easily.
  • The fastest way to import trading pairs by manually enter (i.e. NEO, OMG, XRP…lowercase is also accepted) or select from a live-streamed data table with full info like price change, volume, number of trades,…that is real-time updated from the exchange.
  • Check your account balance right on the Controller.
  • Tool to set Override parameters easily.
  • Port: Easy to change ports or quick picking up a random number for ports (to run multiple instances).
  • Delay: Update delay easily.
  • Cancel order: Quickly Enable/Disable Cancel order with a checkbox.
  • Panic_Sell: Quickly Enable/Disable Panic_Sell with a checkbox.
  • Auto-sync time: Periodically sync local time to server time to avoid time syncing error.
  • Auto restart and manually restart your running bot instances with a single click.
  • Start/Start group/Stop/Stop all bots with buttons.
  • Backup/Restore all your bot setting with buttons. This is extremely useful when you often change your config to test your strategies. It will also save you a lot of time when you reinstall or move your bot instances because you won’t need to set up your multiple bot instances all over again.
  • Access and use a lot of FREE profitable configs that shared by our excellent users all over the world.
  • Easily view and edit your config with useful tools: Check parameters meaning by double-click on their name, search-box to quickly get your parameters, …
  • Save/Load saved config: Save an edited config for future use.
  • Share your profitable configs to make money. We are offering high-value coupons for profitable configs publishers. Coupons can be used to buy stuff on our shop (We are AUTHORIZED Gunbot reseller) or even can be converted to Bitcoin.
    (1) No Crash Watcher license.
    (2) No permission to view premium configs in Config Store.
  • These features are available in PREMIUM PACKS only. Check it out here:

To get a FREE LICENSE, just download the execution file here and contact us for activation via Telegram:

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